About us


We are mechanical engineers, developers, web designers and of course surfers. Therefore, we would like to offer you as inexpensive as possible a technically perfect winch, where you are able to take off just after unpacking the winch. But we also have an extensive variety of individual parts and kits to give you the full selection.

What is GETVINTS doing?

Each of our products is developed and tested until it effortlessly masters all demands in any terrain. We want to offer you a technically uncompromising machine and that only when we are one hundred percent convinced of a pronounced quality. We accompany the product from the idea to the use with our full passion and support you fully also after a purchase

Convince yourself of our products, test them, claim them, give us your feedback. We are firmly convinced that you will be more than impressed by our machines and the fun factor associated with them.


Thomas Gruber

Felix Hanczar